• Project: Balenciaga Show Winter 2022
  • Client: Balenciaga
  • Location: Paris
  • Year: 2022
  • Department: Architecture
  • Typology: Special project
  • Program: Fashion show
  • Scope: Scenography, Atmosphere, Lighting
  • Design Status: Completed
  • Surface: 2,900 m²

The Balenciaga Winter 2022 show featured models walking amidst a simulated blizzard that grew in intensity as the show progressed. Situated in the Hall 4 and 5 at Bourget Paris, the scenography comprised a brightly-illuminated circular field covered with artificial snow. A curved glass wall separated the audience, seated in two rows in a darkened corridor, from the environmental simulation, which included atmospheric effects, such as wind and fog, as well as a lighting design that accentuated the show's dramatic arc.

  • Client Representative: Demna Gvasalia
  • Design Team: Niklas Bildstein Zaar, Iwona Bugoslawska, Roula Assaf, Steffen Bunte, Andreas Lönn Grill, Paul Haase
  • Photos: Thyago Sainte