Sub is an architecture office founded in 2017 and based in Berlin. We advance a synthetic approach to design that encompasses emerging technologies, semantic analysis, and behavioral research alongside traditional architectural techniques. Our practice is driven by the study of contemporary sociocultural dynamics and we are committed to precision at all stages of production, from ideation to afterlife.

Sub comprises practitioners from a variety of disciplines, organized into four departments that operate in close collaboration with each other: Architecture, Entertainment, Digital, Research. Our collective expertise exceeds the conventional boundaries of architecture. Research is intrinsic to our operations, including broad inquiries across a range of fields, spanning the humanities to novel fabrication techniques. This enables us to design holistically, across spatial and temporal scales, integrating diverse media and materials.

What unifies our practice is a dedication to supporting the vision and identity of our clients, composed of leading figures across cultural and commercial fields. Sub is a global operation, with projects across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our network of collaborators, from suppliers to consultants, facilitates efficient project development and sensitivity to regional differences.

Niklas Bildstein Zaar

Niklas Bildstein Zaar was born in Sweden. With broad experience across fashion and cultural production, he is the lead designer of sub.

Andrea Faraguna

Andrea Faraguna was born in Italy. With a lifelong dedication to the culture of building and a doctorate in architecture, he is the lead architect of sub.


Ilaria Peloso (COO), Roula Assaf (Architecture Project Manager), Sophia Kuhn (Design Director), Florencia Russildi (Studio Administrator), Stanley Omabu (Senior Finance Officer), Chris Blohm (Digital Director)


Balenciaga, Mercedes Benz, Ferragamo, Travis Scott, Ye, Marni, Anonymous Club, Anne Imhof, Palais de Tokyo, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate Modern, Serpentine Gallery, Mugler, Kering